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Originally Posted by Rossterman View Post

Taking the path of ford and Chevy and eventually you lose loyal customers or new buyers shy away. Lots of people bought POS Detroit cars in the mid 70's will never buy a gm or ford again because the didn't stand behind their product when the tranny went out at 13k under a 12k warranty for example.

Japan knows this and Honda or Toyota routinely fix out of warranty claims when there is a reasonable expectation the part shouldn't have broken. KTM motorcycles are the same way.
BMW use to be a great car manufacturer as well but I had a well known door locking actuator blowing fuses and when my family got locked inside the car! I mean every door except the Driver side could NOT be opened! It was 9 months outside the 4 year warranty!
Less than 40k miles on the car and everyone including my 2 year old daughter had to crawl through the driver side door!

I actually used FB to bring attention to the issue to thousands of potential buyers and BWM after 3 months of saying it was my issue and I should have purchased a 2 year extended warranty for $2800 bucks!

Not sure ill ever buy another BMW again just with the hell they put me thru!

Toes of you who've had issues with a manufacturer should use Twitter and FB and let others know about them! This usually gets manufacturers to take notice and listen!
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