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I spent a few hours tinkering today and made some more progress. I got the engine started and running several times for 30 sec to a minute at a time. That damn water pump will suck a 5 gal bucket dry in a hurry even with a garden hose trying to keep up. How anyone expects the plunger style fake a lake to keep up I have no idea. I think my choke and idle adjustments need some tweaking. I also went through just about every electrical contact on the motor and cleaned them. Some were in terrible condition like these.
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I also pumped out 11 gal. of varnished and water laden fuel. The tank came out and got a good scrubbing and hose out. There was some pretty disturbing filth in the fuel tank.
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I pulled off the throttle leaver and discovered like several before me the snapped spring that leads to a mon existent neutral lock. I hope I can find a suitable replacement at Lowes, HD, or ACE.
I also got a new horn and horn button to replace the defunct set.

Tomorrow I hope to get the carpet out and tweak the carb. I would love to have this thing running smoothly before I put much more effort into the rest of the boat. I am still not quite sure why it seems to be so ornery. I also noticed it does not seem to be too willing to start immediately after it has been shut off. This is where I wish I had more experience with carb motors. I am not too sure how to determine whether it is running rich or lean. I still have not done my compression test either. I will make a point to do that tomorrow.

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