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Ok - here's the deal... you need to know the difference between the ambient temp and the temp in the engine compartment. Mine is a difference of 6 degrees. So I'm good to 26 degrees, but that's pushing the fold. I just got my boat back from spring maint and today and it is supposed to dip to 24 degrees tonight (4/20 - ***?). To make up the other 2 degree's I use an old electric blanket. I know everyone is whacked about the spark factor, but if you put the control switchbox in a ziplock outside of the engine compartment the risk of spark is so very small you should be good. The temp in the engine compartment w/the blanket makes a 5 - 8 degree diff from the ambient -so with the standard 6, the min temp where this would be effective would be at 21 degree's. At, or below that, winterize. This happens every so often to me after I de-winterize when the boat is still on the trailor so I'm hoping this continues to be a good method.
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