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Originally Posted by Thrall View Post
To a point (no pun intended) I agree, but the PF boats, X2 and X45 are the ones I have time in, DO take water over the bow easier then say a X15 or X30. If you look at the lines, the MC PF boats angle down considerably towards the bow and any ill timed rollers, especially with surf weight or a full load of people up front can easily dunk the nose.
Compared to the X15, with 600lbs more weight than I surf with in my X2, you can't hardly dunk the nose if you try.
The dropped nose gives them a sleek look on the water but not as practical.
If any of you have seen the add for the Boarding School where Moye and someone are standing on the bows of a X star and a Nautique V nose, it becomes apparent. The Star is only 2' maybe to the top of the gunnels in front off the water where the Nautique is twice as high off the water.

Who cares though, it's a boat, it'll get wet.
Given the choice at the time I would have taken a X 15 over my X2, but I do like the looks of the PF a little better.
Let my wife drive, she will fix that!
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