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I'm so glad someone has brought up this topic. My wife and I would love to have an '06 or newer X-2 but don't have $40k in cash to get one. We know we could walk in to any dealership or bank and easily finance one but that's not what we do. So we are figuring on a 4 step boat owning process.

Step #1: '89 ProStar. Used it one season, sold it for $800 more than we bought it.
Step #2: '98 SportStar (current boat). Starting our second season. Bought it for about $3k under it's value. Expect to sell it in the next year or so.
Step #3: Probably an early 2000's X-9 or similar in the sub-$20k range. Keep it a couple of years.
Step #4: The X-2 that we want. Probably 3-4 years from now. Expect to pay in the upper $20k range by then.

Keys to success:
We always pay cash. Never fire-sale. The deal is made on the purchase end, not on the selling end. Finding a deal and having the cash on hand to snatch it up is key.

Trust me, having a boat paid for makes it much more bearable to see it sitting in the garage during the off-season.
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