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Perfect Pass Calibration

Looked around but could not find the information I was looking for...

I am new to PP on our 230 VRS. Took the boat out last weekend and had 4K on the tachometer, I figured speed would be around 40 mph..when I looked at the PP it was reading 32 mph.

Version is Wakeboard Pro 6.5 mechanical and the boat is a 2004...

What sould I change. The owner's manual is kind of vague. there is an up/down switch on the dash that says calibration. I am not sure if that is redundant or is there a seperate procedure for the PP unit. My PP is mechanical and I have looked but never found a paddlewheel. of course being a noob to PP I have no idea where it should be or what it should look like...

I have access to a handheld GPS should I take it out with me on my next trip out Sunday???

Some give me a mechanical PP crash course for idiots...
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