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our last one was a '94 with the 6.5L turbo diesel (no, not the POS 6.2L) 3/4 ton with 4.10. We bought it new in '94 and drove it until both kids went off to college, upgraded to a '06 4runner since we weren't towing a bunch of kids to soccer/dance/basketball/etc (wife wanted something smaller & more manuverable). Anyway, we sold it with about 230k miles, it got 18-18.5 mpg average empty & 16+ towing boat ('83 S&S) or various small trailers up to our 28' travel trailer. Had to go thru the transmission at about 180k, injection system was replaced 3 or 4 times while under warranty, it ate batteries (had at least 7 pair replaced, all within their warranty) but I think that was due to the extremely high output alternator overcharging/boiling them dry. We loved that thing and it was very reliable (once Chevy got the bugs worked out of the injection system). I am not sure when they stopped putting those in the Suburban though, but it was a heck of a vehicle for us for the 12 years we had it.
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