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Originally Posted by mzimme View Post
Thinking of picking up an older suburban (99-02 ish) for a boat hauler specific vehicle. I know there's a body style change in there, I think in 01, but anyone have any experience towing with these? I'll be pulling 5k max with it, and usually much less, but I want the long wheelbase.

What motor should I avoid? Some have the 5.3, and some have the 5.7. If I can find a 2500 with the 6.0L in my price range, that'd be great, but I'm thinking the 5.7 is what I'll end up with. Also how are the trannys? My parents had a '95 and the trans went out at 180k. Is that about normal? Any other things to look out for?

Give me the rundown TTers.

Here is the history with mine. When I'm towing I love it. When I'm not towing I would rather drive anything else.

Body change was in 2000. 5.3L started in 2000. If you get one with the Autoride system on it, check to see if it has been changed or if the shocks have been changed. If not, it will be in your near future. You can also include u-joints in that list. None of any of that should surprise you with a vehicle of that vintage. If it is in an area where they use salt you can also plan on new brake lines and fuel lines. That little gem was $700 last year.

The other problems I have had have been minimal/low cost. Fuel pressure regulator, fan speed module, headlight wire failure, were all low cost.

I guess I can't complain...the thing is 13 years old in OHIO where salt and brine solution are used for 4 months a year and the thing is a daily driver for my wife.

I'd sell you mine.....but it has been paid off for 4 years now. Nothing better than a free vehicle. 140K and counting
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