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4/19/2013 Update: Gutters are on and carpenter is getting closer to completion.

Not a lot of new pics to share as it was getting dark as I was leaving the house last night but here is what has been happening:
1) Well drilling continues as they are now down roughly 80-90 feet and into a mixture of clay, sand and gravel. I do not know a lot about wells and got a little education from the driller who stated that I will have a sand and gravel well most likely, which he says is good. So when the drilling stops the wel will be fully cased and a screen will be at the bottom. Hoping to hit good water today so that I can get it trenched to the house this weekend!

2) The mason's are all done with the stone work and it looks awesome. The hearth stone was really the last thing they had to do inside and it is now done as you will see in the pic below.

3) The gutters and downspouts went on yesterday and just in time as we had rain moving in last night. So, hopefully between the fact that I graded a swayle in back and now have the water diverted from the foundation, my block should be completely dry.

4) The HVAC guys came out and set the AC unit as well as my permanent furnace, and connected all of the ductwork.

5) The carpenter is now into what he calls the fun stuff by putting in the red oak column wraps, associated trim and then moving on to the handrail. He is expecting to finish up sometime early next week.

6) The countertops are nearly complete and will be installed mid-next week (Thank you Mgboyd!).

7) All of the lighting fixtures have been purchased and are awaiting the electricians early next week.

8) Plumbing is ready to roll as soon as water is available.

So, as for me, I am still waiting on water to grout the tile and have been filling the nail holes in the trim and will be touching all of that up this weekend. In addition, just been moving some dirt around and getting the garage ready for cement, now that the skidsteer has returned from its winter duties. Also started looking at various polebarn packages in case I should actually be in a position to afford to put that up in the near future (fingers crossed)! I am thinking 40 x 60 metal roof and sides with a 12 foot door on either end so that it is a drivethru, but we will see when that time comes!'s gonna be another busy weekend!
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