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Originally Posted by SilviaMan View Post
We run Transforce HT on the F350. Its on a road 90% of the time and never in mud.
I have customers that are running the Transforce AT and like them for a more aggressive tread but still nice on the road.
I personally like the Dueller AT revo II tires in that size. Every set I've sold the customers really like them. I ran the previous version of that tire on my 1/2 ton chevy and loved them.

Not sure if it was the weight of my rig or the age of the tire or just the elements of being outside in the weather but at 3/4 tread left (From 2008) they have cracks all the way around the tire (F250 SD 4x4 CC D. = Wisconsin; run year round but not a lot - primarily for towing the boat and car trailer)
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