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Originally Posted by bturner2 View Post
First start with looking for anything bent or binding. How does the wheel turn when not underway or when it's on the trailer? Are there any binds? Does it move smoothly in both directions?

Once you've eliminated any damage or worn parts you can start looking at possible rudder upgrades that many have implemented to reduce steering feedback. There were a lot of rudder changes throughout recent years that have improved handling for many of the models. I personally changed out the stock rudder on my 03 X2 to an 06 version and was very pleased with the upgrade. The rudder had a different shape and was much larger than the stock rudder. The results was going from a boat that didn't want to turn to the left and hard steering in general to one that was neutral in steering with a much lighter feel. Pretty much a night and day difference in my case. The newer rudder are available from OJ through Skier to Skier.
"Sorry..... OJ no longer produces that rudder.

Skier to Skier "
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