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Originally Posted by DavidMCX30 View Post
Thanks guys. BrianM -- great suggestions. I used many of your previous posts to get me this far, and appreciate your insights.

I am not using Super Duty, nor a wool pad.

I, too, think I am not getting the 600 scratches out. Like your suggestion on sanding same way to find root problem. But it sounds like I also need to go to wool pad (versus orange foam I am using now). Do you think I need to go to Super Duty as well? Or just take it in a step-wise fashion...better sanding, wool pad, and then if it's not what I want, try Super Duty? Nervous to hit it with a circular given my lack of skill.

Thanks again.
David, I was freaked too at first to use a circular, but like physcobilly said, don't be. I was running the same dewalt he had and I really had to put extreme pressure on the gelcoat to see any real drastic cutting. i was definitely expecting it to come right off with wool pad and circular, but it took several passes and more pressure than i anticipated. I would imagine you could screw up a car's paint pretty easy with a circular, but I'm a firm believer that you have to try really really really hard to screw up gelcoat. FYI, I was using the super duty compound too.
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