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Originally Posted by FlyZone Costa Rica View Post
Thanks! x2

On the day that the (possibly) perfect solution for the engine pops up on this site, our offer got turned down. The owner says it doesn't need a new engine, the current one can easily be fixed. I wonder if he ever took a look under the sundeck...
He said we should check it out together with a mechanic and then negotiate. I don't think we'll come to a deal as it seems he's thinking he has a perfect boat there, but we'll give it a shot.
Hope that engine is still around if/when we can make a deal.

Either way, thanks for all the support everybody!
Before you commit to that inspection by a mechanic, make sure the owner isn't trying to make you pay half of the cost. if it's a full marine survey, it's not a bad thing to pay half, but that's only if the engine is sound and you're definitely going to buy it.

Have him define 'easily fixed'- is that "easily brought back to new-ish condition" or "easy to get it to run a few times"?
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