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Originally Posted by milkmania View Post
I hate the way the media takes this tragedy and run with it..... There's nothing like portraying and documenting every aspect and flooding the television with it. Don't get me wrong, our safety and security IS compromised.....
But, when a bomb expert comes on the television and says you can google everything you need to know on how to build a bomb, and where to order the detonation devices.... something is wrong!

And in case the perpetrators are wondering what happened with their bomb, they just have to turn on the TV and the media will serve them every bit of info they seek, right at their fingertips.
the media will show them EVERY ASPECT of their bombing.... from the feelings of people directly involved, the surgeons, the first responders, right now this newslady is referring to her 10 year old daughter and how she couldn't sleep last night and wanting to know why this keeps happening.
This guest is saying "you're hearing really really difficult words for a 10 year old to deal with, and there's images floating all over the internet, very graphic images, I've seen a few of them, they're incredibly graphic"

I'm thinking the media and the internet has perpetuated our demise.... years ago when there were bombings in other countries... it came out in the newspaper, and the 5 o'clock and 10 o'clock news....... there wasn't instant notification and 24 hour media saturation, or cell phones providing instant information.

I can just vision the bad guys just sitting in a room rubbing their hands together, DVR'ing everything they can.... The media is showing how the world stopped at that moment and how everyone was directly or indirectly impacted.... how ball games were cancelled, how the power plants went into high alert, heightened security, and how it reminds everyone about 9/11 or the OKC bombing.
and now London Marathon is reviewing their security measures for their upcoming event.

Now they refer to it as "The Boston Bombing"

TV and other forms of entertainment just give people what they want, whether they decided they want it on their own, or they're impressionable enough that "The man with the kind face on TV told me that I want/need this". Also, when more people watch a channel, that channel can make more M-O-N-E-Y.

Also, people can't stop watching for a car crash, out of morbid curiosity.
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