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Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
Yes the stripped lug nut will eventually come off, the big tool companies sell "special" sockets that get pounded on that grips the nut and removes it, sometimes that doesn't work and have to get the ol' air hammer out. We're all the lug nuts gorilla tight, maybe the tire mechanic just f-up and stripped the one and didn't wanna get yelled at by his manager and decided not to say anything, as it would be 6 months before it was found . My shop is constantly repairing other "shops" f-ups...

They are probably going to tell you to pound sand, say something like were not responsible for something that happened 8 months ago, and prolly say well that wouldn't have happened if you brought it back for tire rotation, and will look at you oddly for using a 12 point socket on lug nuts.
Highly unlikely. I have bought two sets of tires from them for my personal vehicles. They are right across the street from our office and I send our company vehicles over to them for service when they need it. It is in his BEST interest to keep me happy. Not only that, he said they would take care of it without hesitation when I took it over to them this morning.
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