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Originally Posted by JDC View Post
I finally got mine installed today!
I too had to enlist some help from my 11 year old daughter to get to the front and middle bolts. A quick lesson in how to get a washer and a nut started on a bolt using two fingers when you can't see what you're doing, and she got 'em both on the first try.

So, I'll wear you out with photos. 3 before pics and 3 after.

This 1st photo shows the previous owner's fix of a sheet metal screw drilled into fresh fiberglass and a washer.
Attachment 93173

The middle screw had broken through and wasn't holding anything.
Attachment 93174

Attachment 93175

All shined up. This is one of the two I had to cut down for clearance.
Attachment 93176

Attachment 93177

Attachment 93178

A much more professional repair than the screw and a washer thing.
Attachment 93179

This is a great repair prostar205 came up with and designed! Thanks to Neill for taking the ball and running with it so a few more of us could benefit from this great idea!

Those do look nice all shined up. Glad they're working out for everyone. Nice to know that my 4 year mechanical engineering degree was finally good for something useful.
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