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Another Try, is a photo of a redrawing

The front view is reverse since we flipped the floor plan. Adding the 3rd garage, a 13x34 garage on the side, door is suppose to be 10 x 8, but wondering if I should go 10 x 9s?
Anyone know the price difference since the builder says I'm way over budget right now. I talking to the bank for more money. There is not upstairs just a walk out basement. I've got a 4th garage bay downstairs, but it's only 21 feet and has a 4 foot corner unuseable. Plus its way up front and may be a problems that close to the front. it may need a wall there. I'm thinking of switching it with the storage room, but the stair case limits it's length too. It's amazing, you change 1 little thing and it affects some many others both up and down.
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