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Absolutely no sanding. The carpet in mine appeared to have been laid with a thin coat of spray applied adhesive. I scraped the floor and sides good with a putty knife, then sprayed some goof off type glue remover and scraped some more in order to get all the carpet fibers up. Another light spray and scrubbed it with a rag which got a lot of it off. I did not feel the need to get down to bare fiberglass as it was just going to get another coat of glue. Once you see the adhesive and trowel it on, you'll see what I mean. I just made sure it was smooth, no loose glue, and then vacuumed it thoroughly.. You can see a bit of the reddish glue material left on the sidewall and along the edge of the floor.

One more tip, make sure you get all of the carpet pieces for each side and the center panels turned the same direction off the roll. The 'lay' of the carpet will affect how it looks when down.
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