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Originally Posted by snork View Post
fiberglass fenders are what you ordered and thats what was delivered. Its not entirely the dealers fault and they were not being deceptive in any form, yes they could have informed you of your options but the buyer needs to be educated on the product they're interested in before walking through the door. Not trying to bust your chops and if it wasn't for some members on this site no one would been the wiser. Go enjoy your new boat, thats what counts anyways, its not the trailer that will make your boating days any better :^)
I never said it was the dealers fault and I give them credit for being the brunt of this topic. The vimeo videos were 4-6 days old when we ordered this boat and literature was vague. I felt fairly informed when I walked into the dealership, as much as I could be within reason. Yes, I wouldn't have noticed without the comments on teamtalk however isnt that why we are here? To learn for eachother? Maybe this wouldn't have happened to you since you are not a newbie, but if it did, I would assume that some type of conversation would take place.
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