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Once again my updates have been lacking, but we have made some progress. I have the motor re-assembled and many of my parts came in this week including my spark plugs, trans rebuild kit, and swatches for the vinyl. Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1365729208.545915.jpg
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I have started to pull the carpet and we are trying to decide on what carpet to put in it. I would love to hear any input on where/ what carpet has worked out well or has not.

Electrically I have found that both my horn and switch are dead. I will replace those likely this coming week. My other electrical gremlin was the bilge pump both auto and manual. Turns out the PO was a jack donkey and did a good ol' electrical tape twist and tape job in the bilge. Idiot. I will be upgrading my bilge pump from that puny 500 gph to something in the 1200-1500 gph range. Under 10 GPM is a bit slow for my taste should something go wrong.

Last sunday in the cabin we found standing water in one of the cubbies under the V birth. Seeing the low points all had small holes I was under the assumption that these were meant to be drain holes and drained into the bilge. Trying to clear junk I used compressed air to try and blow the crap out. To my surprise i felt bubbles under my feet like I had blown air down a giant straw into a glass of water. After some snooping I discovered those little holes were never meant to be drains and had no connection to the bilge. They are holes drilled through which the factory pumped flotation foam and it has been slap full of water for who knows how long. After some trial and error I discovered the only way to get water out of the foam cavity was a shop vac and 1/8" ID flexible tubing. I withdrew about 15 gallons of water all said and done. It stunk like...i will spare you all that detail. Just happy to have gotten 120 lbs of water out of there.

So yesterday I hooked the motor connections up, primed the fuel lines,got a 5 gal bucket and hose ready and started to try to fire her up. My starter relay hung up and ended those trials a bit short. I am charging the battery and I will be replacing ends and or cables and cleaning electrical connections before a retry. My wife has a couple DSLR pix I will post later this week. With any luck we will get to start on upholstery in the next week or two.

Saturday we are taking the CGA safety coarse so sunday will really be the only day I have to plug along this weekend.

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