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Originally Posted by Kyle View Post
I've been wanting to do this to my '93 190.

Maybe it's me but I think engine building would be easier and have been dreading the beat down of this project. I fear that the carpet will tear into 500 pieces and I won't be able to use it as a template. I also don't know how to get it under the observers seat. I have no clue tow to do under the bow.
on my 91 PS190, if you'll look closely, there's a a seam that runs along the edge of the observer's seat base, because once you pull out the center floor around the pylon, you'd pull the stainless steel base screws, and the fiberglass base will actually lift an inch or two to the the carpet tucked under it.

Also, the bilge/engine splits the carpet run in 1/2....left and right.... so on port side, it starts at edge of bilge, and runs up the inside of the gunnel area....
Starboard is same way.

So, you're actually dealing with smaller sections of carpet, not just one piece.
It's your call whether you'd re-carpet under the bow..... mine's in great shape, so I won't replace it yet.
there is a vertical left side kick panel beside the driver's feet that can be pulled out and re-carpeted also..... seems to me like a great place for a speaker, if you can protect the backside of the speaker, because once you lift the observer's seat back, the back of speaker is exposed.

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