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Originally Posted by blakekrone View Post
I just ordered a non-waterline last night. Call them up during the day, very helpful. He mentioned to me that if you do any trailering with cover on to not get a waterline fit.
In general, the only covers suitable for trailering are well padded cockpit covers, IMO. The a fuller cover does not fit tight enough to prevent flapping regardless of how many straps go down to trailer. Trailering stresses the cover and will rub the fiberglass and graphics.

Looking at these covers, a full water-line cover will protect the side graphics better against fading.
I would make sure it covers the swim platform as well.
Chine skirt covers might also be advantageous if you have a solid colored hull to minimize sun fade.
Overall fit looks tight and smooth.
The downside to these larger covers is they are heavier to work with and store. They are manageable with one but my 24' can be a challenge in the wind.

Looks like they are sewn to tie in the rear which may present a problem.
They may be able to custom modify it at the mfg or expect to take it to a canvas shop to have them rework it (prob $150)
A couple tie downs on the side would probably be advisable to deal with wind.
If you have a flotation lift, another option may be to add a rear walking platform. This is common with performance boats so they can change props and maintain drives without trailering.

Water pooling would be the least of my concern. This is more a function of the boat profile.
Taylor Made has a good support pole and vent setup. I would take it to a canvas shop and have them punch a hole vs try to cut a round hole that may eventually tear out.

I purchased my Westland Exact fit sunbrella 8 yrs ago. Have been very happy with it. I had a canvas shop modify it for the tower (no towers in 1991) and they created side ties instead of the rear at the same time. It is an over rub rail style.
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