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Originally Posted by kenps190 View Post
Thanks! I did order extra, just in case....based on measurements, I needed about 21ish feet. I ordered 27'.

Thats alot of carpet. I actually replaced the carpet in my 205 last night. It ended up being a far easier job than i anticipated and it turned out better than i thought it would. I didnt do in the rear locker or under the bow/observers seat, just the parts that are visible when your in the boat. I ordered a 8.5x16 roll from Corinthian and i have lots left over.

Not sure if this is your first time doing boat carpet but it was mine. So a little advice, i found the glue to be MESSY. No matter how hard i tried i couldnt keep it off my hands and it doesnt come off very easy. I kept lots of rags handy to try and keep my hands clean. If i was going to do it again, i would buy a box of latex gloves and put on a new pair when i got glue on them.
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