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Well I was able to dig around today and here is what I found.

I went through and checked for bad ground and found none. I then checked for broken wires and found none. I used the dvom like you said and it was quick and easy.

After failing to find a broken wire or bad ground I began exploring the idea of hot wiring the fuel pump around the ECM. I connected the FP and turned the engine over thinking it should start, however, it did not. I double checked my connections to ensure that had I replaced everything I had taken apart. Seeing that everything was intact I decided I'd swap the relays. The engine immediately came to life.

I went to the local parts store and purchased a new relay. I replaced the old relay and discontinued the "hot wire". I turned the engine over and it fired right up.

So problem solved bad relay, however, I am still stumped that I didn't have constant power to the relay when I had originally checked. I didn't have time to check to see if there was constant power after replacing the relay, but I will tomorrow.

Thanks for the help. It was much appreciated.
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