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@dpolen - So I contacted the Air Dock folks and the model I have is the C/B Model $2,620. That price is def lower then what I told you I originally paid. Amazing how time robs you of your memory, but back when I bought it I think 2K felt like 4K!

@DoubleE - It's takes a couple minutes to inflate. I'm pretty anal about getting it perfectly balanced and lined up correctly on the lift. You can control each "bladder" by turning 1 of 3 valves in the control box. While it's inflating I start to clean out the boat and clean so never really timed it. When I'm going to take the boat out... I just open the valves and then proceed to take the cover off and or any other prep that needs done before we shove off... so again it takes a couple minutes for it to fully deflate so the boat is floating.

Prop and rudder - I generally pull the boat high enough so the surf tabs and the attitude plate are out of the water. Yes this means that the rudder and prop sit a bit in the water. We are on the main body of the lake and there is no issues with standing water, weeds or any other debris that might gather on the prop or rudder.

As for power: I have electricity at the water so I just wind an extension cord from the outlet through the dock and plug it in. Not sure on using a battery. Def need to ask them. Inside the box is a little compressor motor... sure you could hard wire something together.

Boat goes in on the 27th, I'll take some pics so everyone can get a good idea of how it all comes together. Maybe a video of me putting it in the water, cold cold water!
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