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Originally Posted by jhall0711 View Post
Very Nice truck.... I am just somehow leery of a new to the market motor with two turbos spinning in it. In 5-10 years when I start seeing them with 200+ thousand miles I will consider it. Personally just concerned with the newer technology until it proves itself to be reliable over the long haul. Otherwise, I do love the newer F-150s.
The twin turbo eco-boost is in it's 3rd year now I believe. My buddy is the top tech at Ford in my area and he has not seen any major problems with these engines as of yet. I went with the extended waranty on mine mostly because of the SINC system and all the other electronics (electric power steering for example)
I think this engine will be available in the Expedition in 2014 too.
In about 2 weeks I'll be towing the star so I'll post some comments then.
I was njskier on here.
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