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Originally Posted by CBRENT View Post
@dpolen - As for the exact model I'd have to go look at the paperwork, of which I'm not exactly sure of it's location. I'll give them a call and ask. They keep all those records. It was around $4k.

As for ease of moving it... it's pretty heavy. It takes 2 people to drag it around on dry land. It slides pretty easy when it's inflated. All and all it's way easier then a hoist. Most of my neighbors have hoists and they struggle in the muck every year! Then there's me, floating my dock into place tying it off and opening a beer.

In the fall I pull it into my backyard, deflate it and fold it onto itself. Pull the compressor box off and store that in the garage.
CBRENT...Wow, that sounds like it might be a solution I need to slip is about 1000 feet from a public boatramp here in Minnesota where I could drag it out with a buddy's help, put it on a small trailer and bring it home to store for the winter. I'll give them a call once I finalized the deal on the new boat...btw...great looking X2!
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