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Originally Posted by CBRENT View Post
@ bfinley - not sure if you have looked into this yet but I have one and love it. Works in almost any level of water and I never have to worry about uneven ground. It's super easy to pull out for the winter and gets the boat completely out of the water. The customer service is fantastic as well. I'e owned it now for 6 yrs and no issues.

I have a 2012 X2 and it handles the weight just fine. My only complaint is it doesn't have a canopy.

Couple shots for you. My 86 and the X2

Here is their site:
I'm working on a deal right now towards trading in my boat to buy an 2012 X2...which model of airdock do you have there? How easy is it to take out of the lake at the end of the season? I lease a boat slip in the summer and don't have a convenient place to store a boat lift...wondering if this might be an option for me. Thanks!!!
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