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Sounds good. I have run my 485's with 12ga KnuKonceptz wire with good results (I assume) and 600w going to each. Just been getting an overall feeling 10ga is preferred with the larger 10" woofers to give max bass headroom, just like they would in a sub installation.

Chart from Steve Mead Designs -
Speaker wire is down a little ways on the list.

Interesting how the wattage drops and resistance decreases.

Really think you need to look at 3-4 batteries in the stereo bank if you are running 3 amps. Those 10" and subs will eat power, regardless if you have efficient amps. More batteries will help the life of the entire bank by not running down as often (hopefully).
Unless you have done some serious alt upgrading, don't try to play the stereo hard leaving the cove with low batteries trying to charge. You WILL cook an alt.
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