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Originally Posted by JDC View Post
No, you're not the last.
I did polish mine to a high gloss shine. I thought about spraying clear over them but figured that would ruin the shine. I decided to use a micro-crystalline wax polish I have to seal the surface. No photos yet. Maybe I'll get to it this next weekend.

I noticed you had to cut off one edge of your rear grommet. Looks like mine will be the same.
Yes, the back of the armrest has a lot of different curvatures to it. There was no way mine was going to fit w/o some modification. I took a hacksaw to mine and cleaned up the edges and cut surface with a file.

I used some metal polish on mine and it really brightened up the front faces on the flanges.

Glad to hear this worked out so well for everyone and saved us all from buying new panels at $200-300 a pop.

At this point, I have one set of flanges/grommets left. First to pay gets them. I MAY do more in the future, but I want to have a pretty healthy 'interested' list built before issuing the order.
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