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Originally Posted by DoubleE View Post
88 PS 190:

One question, I get why you recommend comparing the bunks on the trailer to the lift, but what do you mean by "Cheat and set Those up."? (just a typo)

1. How about converting a lift to have bunks, any recommendations? Things to consider? Where to get the kit?
2. Can a guy switch out the winch/cable to increase the weight limits?
3. Can a guy raise the canopy to accomodate the tower on pretty much all lifts?

Lastly, looking at jmorone's pic, as awesome as it looks, I'm assuming this is on your property. I love the idea that I can let it air out and take only minutes to hop in and go, etc but I'm considering this to go in a private party slip, do I dare leave it this open or do I put my cover on it too if I'll be back inside of a week? Or am I just being over concerned?

Bunks are easy, most lift companies sell a kit, or hardware you can buy wood and carpet and finish up. Or you can buy the complete bunks (assuming you bought a pontoon lift)

Weight limits are more than the cable, the whole design is based around it, and I'd wager the cable is one of the more overbuilt components (they still break even within limits due to wear/stress on the cables)

Canopies almost all can be lifted by making extensions for the pipes/posts that hold them, might have to do some sourcing for metal suppliers locally who can get you the material if you aren't an aluminum fabricator by trade.
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