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Originally Posted by sand2snow22 View Post
Look at the date it was made. Should be a placard on the trailer. What does it say? Also did you custom order the boat with a red trailer? Not trying to gang up on you, just looks like the dealer slid an older red trailer under your boat instead of a newer 2013 black or white trailer.
I'll look at the VIN plate again and check the manufacture/build date. It could be similar with cars as to being built at the end of the year but sold as next years model. We specifically asked for red with fiberglass fenders. I will admit that the entire process was on the MC dealers and MC was painful to say the least. We had to drive 3.5 hours to find a dealer that would actually communicate and had inventory. MC failed to add the BTS windshield and they had to conduct surgery on the boat to make the appropriate change. They also failed to install the speaker cans at the factory. Everybody's response on the trailer has me concerned but I also don't want to drive 3.5 hours to the dealership to have it rectified.
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