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The other thing that is always not readily apparent until you see them all in person.. Shore station has horizontal cross members across both sides of the lift. Depending on the water depth that may be a "hurdle" to enter the boat. If deep enough they will probably not be an issue but otherwise could be something you have to climb over.. not easy for everyone.

Most other brand lifts have at least one side if not both sides with "V" style supports so you can enter without scaling that support beam.

Speaking of depth if you are in a shallow area the different brands have various minimum depths due to their design. Some cradles go all the way down others don't.. Some have V cradles to git a bit deeper.

Other differences across brands are some have more welded components.. others more bolted components. All have pros/cons and could be argued either way. In the end most are more similar than different. I ended up with the craftlander as it appeared as good or better than the big names at just a bit more than they were used. So far no complaints.

What I found through my lengthy research..
Shorestation/ShoreMaster = Gold standard (not necessarily the best but they seem to have defined the market, nobody is going to laugh at you for buying one of these)
Floe = the most proud of their product (don't believe me price one out)
Handful of other small lower cost players = Some have obvious cost cutting measures.. others arguably better than the standard.
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