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Originally Posted by Kweisner View Post
THAT'S a great feeling! We got our first boat just last September, se we're still "new" owners (patiently waiting for some warm weather to clock some lake time). CONGRATS!
once i pick it up aslong as its not snowing or raining it will be headed to the lake haha.

Originally Posted by 2RLAKE View Post
Congrats ... Can't believe all those tower speakers! You should be able to hear you from 1/2 mile away
thanks, ya its pretty crazy i would have never put that many on but i mean if it has it why not. it had a blown fuse when we took it out to water test it so i didn't actually get to hear it

Originally Posted by xbot50000 View Post
Nice looking boat - congrats. Is it a US or Cdn boat?
thanks, its originally from Arizona its been up here for 4 years i was told but the owner has never switched it over the dealer said they would handle all the stuff with figuring out the registration.
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