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new tow rig opinions

So right now I'm driving a 05' denali with 115k. Yukon has been solid to me for 3+ years but have the "newer" bug. Looking at 10'-12's and maybe even a 13 depending on price. Also gas mileage is brutal on the 6.0. I put about 20-30k on my cars yearly and 13mpg overall is a killer especially most of that being highway.

Other note: I only tow the boat 5 miles to the launch and 5 miles with an occasional 100 mile roundtrip 1 or 2x a year so overkill is not needed.

REALLY like the Ram 1500 and being I've had such good luck with my GMC have to throw the silverado in there. Any opinions on both. I've considered an f150 too but the looks leave alil to be desired for me.

Any opinions would be helpful
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