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Originally Posted by DoubleE View Post
Looking for a lift for my 2006 X2 as well, what did you end up getting?

Curious on the width and what it would take to convert a standard lift to accomodate an MC?

I found one that is a 3500# one I'm going to look at today, but concerned it is on the verge of not being big enough?

Also would like to put a canopy on it to protect it from the sun, etc. and good to know I can also consider a pontoon lift - thanks for the tips!
You'll want the 120" wide model. You'll be able to load with racks out assuming you're coming in well aligned and you forgot to swing them in (not with boards though).

You'l want the 4000 + class lifts 4500 - 5000 ideal.. even if they lift could technically handle the load the winch reduction gearing will be key... i.e. how much oomph it will take to lift the boat.

Many companies are offering a tower friendly option.. I went with Sunchaser universal canopy. They were good to work with as they offered custom canopy that added a valence that was shorter than their web advertised tower canopy yet still offers pretty good coverage.

You can't user the trailer measurements for a direct bunk setup because the master craft trailer has different bunk widths in the back compared to the front and the stepped hull. So you need to do a trial/error fitup based on the bunks getting wider as they go back.. The balance is keeping it nicely aligned in the strakes/chine not going over any under hull gear like pickups and getting wide enough in the back. It was a few trials and error to dial it in.

X2 doesn't have tracking fins but still nice to go with ski height bunks to allow it more flexibility and room for error on the running gear.

You don't HAVE to have a front stop.. I typically handle it by only lowering the cradle enough to just get it on. Also having the lift or bunks ever so slightly pitched back helps.. somewhat like loading on a trailer. I have a reference place that I load up to so I know when to stop. That said by only lowering the cradle to the right depth you'd have to power load to get it on any further.

I went through this exercise this time last year with my X2. Learned alot along the way. I ended up with craftlander 45120 and sunchaser canopy. I had to do some custom work to get the canopy on that brand lift because of the way they throughbolt the upper cable connections on the mounts. Not a big deal just some drilling of the aluminum canopy uprights to fit at the correct heights.. a bit of a trick since I did it on water. Required a dismount of the lift wench which was a PIA. Ideally if you build the canopy on the lift during lift assembly would have been much easier.
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