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Originally Posted by BradleyV View Post
Good Morning guys,
I made my maiden voyage (ever) on Conroe this past Sunday. I took a buddy with me to show me around. I think we went up to where you guys are talking about. Beyond the stumps where you have to take the path on the far left side of the lake? I'll be honest, that made me nervous as crap. But, I saw quite a few boats buzzing through there. We made it fine. I'm sure you have to just get used to it.

I'd like to know where you guys ski/wakeboard. Is it back there, or in other coves?

I have a red/black/flake '12 X2. If you see me, don't be a stranger. I'm always looking to meet people who enjoy the water as much as I do.

I won't be out there this weekend, but maybe the following. I will keep an eye out for you guys as well.

That sounds like you were at the spot. :-)

I can take you all over with my GPS and you think you were SH&*ING following your buddy, jump in with me and I'll take you right through the stumps. lol The ONLY reason I can do that is becaue when the lake was 7' low I had my GPS in my skiff and marked a load of channels on my plotter. I have a mount and pig tail in both boats so I just take the Plotter from either boat.

Be carefull up there because I have seen a guy rip out two I/Os. Well, one went to the bottom and the other was tore up. He was scoot'n with those twins until he found a stump...

I have the green and white 240 SC, can't miss it. I'll be looking for ya! GTS-20 is normally tied up to starboard at the spot.
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