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Originally Posted by Nick911 View Post
I went on and looked at about 20 new 2013 X30's, and some (2 or 3) actually had the same trailer that you have, though the majority had the newer look. Most had the polished cans as well but a few did have the black ones.

It would be worth asking your dealer about it. I ordered my 2013 in September, got it in February, and I would have lost my mind if the trailer wasnt the new one or the cans were black. Does your X30 have the Pro Package?

Anyone shed any light on this?
Yes, it has the Pro Package. I vaguely remember two different speaker options. The JL cans were supposed to be "tuned" for the speaker. I'm sure that it was a bunch of BS but in the end, MC forgot to add the speakers and the dealer had to install them last week when the boat arrived. I was told that they pulled them off of a 2013 x-25. You guys are now making me wonder if ordering the fiberglass fenders is the problem. On a side note, I wouldn't want the retractable tie downs anyway.
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