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Originally Posted by tim79mc View Post
Update on plan for battery, cables and storage... I will put the battery in a plastic case and push this into a pocket above the floor and behind the observers seat. I plan to be able to lift the seat up to gain access to the bow and I can slide the battery case forward and remove the battery for servicing. The steering cable will go into the bilge in this same area. The throttle and transmission control cables will go into the bilge by the drivers' foot bulkhead - this will leave the whole middle of the bow open for access. Next, figure out where the ventilation duct will go - I'm thinking all of the way up front with some protective bulkhead around it.

Anyone have pics of front bow storage areas?
Ventilation design (and probably federal marine standards) changes quite a bit from say.... 1979 - 1986 era, from there some changes.

The 79 has a vent opening across the bow and a hose that is placed into the basement via the port for the cables from the helm/throttle/gear shift. That vent hose was to provide thru-flow in the hull. The blower was placed in the rear (above the fuel cell right in the middle) as a discharge/blower, meeting the (then requirements and perceived safety) needs for the boat builder.

Fast forward a few years and the 91-94 era. I had a 93 that had similar ventilation as the 79, but the blower was placed in the engine compartment just in front of the starter on some cheesy mounting bracket. A vent hose is connected from the blower (running adjacent to the starboard exhaust hose) to a rear discharge outlet. There is also a short open -ended hose in the rear to satisfy the argument of fumes from the fuel cell in a confined space, exiting through the same discharge vent port. The blower itself (pickup) then would serve as ventilation for the engine compartment. Now both perceived confined spaces are vented.

I think if you follow the original 79 installation, you'll be OK. I may would be inclined to add two small vents in the engine cover just for the heck of it (safety), but your model did not have a lot of extensive ventilation components.

The 79s were open all up front, no bulkhead or kick panel (adjacent to the driver's left leg). Your creativity for that is all on you. Ski storage is nice if you have an organized space up front with some bulkhead or panel to segregate compartments. I used my kick panel (left side of the driver) to mount my dual battery and amp (on the port side of the panel adjacent to my left leg). That is what I would consider while you're there. Nothnig fancy is required. I used 3/4" builder grade plyboard and coated with epoxy resin, then a piece of matching carpet.

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