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What a great thread. However, I didn't see anyone post the one I got about 3 times last year.

1st instance, We were eating lunch in the local restaurant on the river. To my surprise after lunch I went back out to the dock to find two old men IN my boat.
ME: What are you guys doing?
Them: Your boat is sinking!!
Me: Why do you think that?
Them: The back end is sunk so low and we have had the bilge pump on for 5 minutes but nothing is coming out???
Me: Please turn my bilge off and get out of my boat.
Them: (Puzzled)
Me: I jump in and open the rear to show them full fat sacks in each rear locker
Them: Why would you do that?
Me: Just watch.

2nd instance: DNR stops me.
DNR: Your boat is sinking
Me: Is that all you stopped me for?
DNR: Well it is taking on water we can plainly see that you need to get to shore before your bilge pump burns up (them assuming it was on)
Me: I gotta go, my boats not sinking.

Other than that I have had people waving at me from shore, stop while I was changing sides to surf and asking if I was taking on water. I guess I should be happy they are concerned but it is funny
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