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The wheel hubs are open on the ends, to not block access to bearings. I bought a close ended for the spare... $22 @ discount tire. I highly recomment to take your spare with u to DT to check for proper diameter... I do not remember which diameter I bought.

For the guide posts, bought from MC By Design, $30 bucks + shipping. I also bought the end caps for the top @ my local dealer

Here you can see the guide posts + the LEDs (on the refurbished fenders):

For F2, I was sick of having a trailer jack that was wobbly and weak and ugly. I had a trailer jack give way on me once and it broke all my toes. So I ordered the jack with a weld on plate, and used a local welder to install it (sawed off old MC bracket) ($40 cash deal)

Then I painted it after it was cooled off.

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