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I don't have any pics of the wake but its definitely big enough for the level of riding me and most of my friends do. I didnt pay for the weights, they were off one of our tractors on our farm, but i know they can be found cheap. The weights will seem redneck to some people but they are 100 lbs each, lay flat so they don't take up much space, and have a carry handle built into them. I'm only using 2 of them since i bought fatsacs but it was sure nice not filling bags back when i used more.

Originally Posted by saltybalty View Post
What did you pay for your tractor weights? The 96 doesn't have a ski locker in the walkthrough it has a small space called the cooler. I also don't have a rear locker but I will be either putting my seat in the sundeck position or ditching it all together when the rear sack is filled.

Thank you for your response. Any pics of your wake?

I actually got my first set in behind the boat today (air 55 water 45 degrees) and I already love the wake unweighted compared to my i/o. Can't wait to see it with some weight.
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