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chatter from reduction unit

So everything is working well as far as function. No slip, no dirty neutral, smooth and solid shifts in forward and reverse.

Before I tore this thing apart I was hearing a chatter coming from somewhere back there. After my analysis I decided it was most likely the shaft riding on the log (it wore a groove in it if you don't recall).

However, I am still hearing it. One thing that crossed my mind was the vibration damper, but it just doesnt seem like that.

When I got it home today I pulled the floor up again and uncoupled the shaft. It makes the same sound in gear. By feel and sound it seems to be concentrated in the reduction unit. Only makes the noise in gear. The coupler gets hot when running in gear (uncoupled), not sure if it should but doesn't seem like it.

Any ideas? Bad reduction gears? They seemed to spin smoothly when I had it apart. If it was an actual "tranny" issue it seems like it would have some performance issues which it doesn't. One thought is poor lubing of the rear unit. Thinking about pulling the reduction housing and seeing if fluid drains.
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