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Originally Posted by Retoxtony View Post
Have you considered the FlyHigh integrated bow sac? I cant fill mine completely but i'd guess i can get 350-400 pounds in it and its under the seats. In my 205 my normal wakeboarding ballast is the integrated bow sac, and another bag stuffed in the ski locker in the walkway floor, then in the rear, 200 lbs of tractor weights and a 750 pound bag. This works nice and its all hidden and keeps the seats free. Not sure if a 96 has the same storage areas as my 99 though, I think my rear locker might be a bit bigger and not sure if you have the ski locker in the floor. You could always pull out the rear seat and use your sacs as seats. Thats what we do when we surf. Not pretty but it works.
+1. I'd do the 1100 + 580 that you mentioned, plus the bow sac or some lead up front. Don't neglect the weight in the bow. I have 2600lbs ballast in my '99 205v (1100 up front, 1500 in the rear), and I wouldn't part with any of it, although the actual weight is probably only about 2400 since not every sac fills completely. Mine is a slightly different beast since its a v-drive, but our hulls are similar, if not the same. If I added more weight to mine (which I might do this season), it would be up front. I usually just get some people to sit up there.
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