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Originally Posted by Jonb1822 View Post
I need some help. Just got my 2011 X25 back from the dealer and they replaced the screen B.I.G. and the Viper system bc I had a constant blue screen when the key was turned on. Got the boat back and now the screen works but the guages do not. They sound like they are about to work, but do not move. Also the screen shows no readings for air or water temp, fuel, or any other readings. I'm not sure where to start or even what information to ask about at this point. If I can figure out without the dealer that would be great bc they did some other work and did a bad job. I don't want to take another 4 hour round trip if at all possible. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!
For something like that I would ask the dealer to come to me. That should have been checked out prior to giving you your boat back.
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