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Originally Posted by Jeff d View Post
I actually kinda forgot I did this mod until I just got an email that this thread was updated. I guess that means it's been working ok. Ha! The self drilling/tapping screws through the aluminum honeycomb deck material have shown no signs of loosening or anything.

IIRC it actually opens further than it did with the mechanical actuator on there. I don't put wakeboards in those compartments so I didn't really take any measurements or anything. I think I remember the actuator limiting how far it opened.

Mine had a factory gas spring on the starboard side so I just duplicated that arrangement o the port side. Not sure if the X-Star has that or just the actuator. If it doesn't have the starboard side gas spring then you could mount them however you wanted in order to make sure it opens sufficiently far to slip your boards in.

It closes fine. The 60 lb gas springs are about perfect. The wind has never blown it closed from the open position but still doesn't require much effort to push the deck closed. If I was going to get a different spring I might try 50 lbs or so but the 60s give me some room to wear out and still provide sufficient force. Something like a 45-50 might make it a little easier to close but after a couple of seasons of wear may not provide sufficient opening force.

I know I shipped some of my parts off to another X-Star owner last year. I can't remember if I have anything left or if I shipped him everything I had. I will check.
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