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Originally Posted by kainishida View Post
Thanks for the prompt reply.

I do not have 12v on pin 86 either when cycling the key or turning the engine over.

I will try a separate 12v source on the purple wire and see if I can rule that out.
Makes since, pin 30 (pink)and pin 86 (pink) both get v at the fuel pump relay from the same pin 87 (purple) of MEFI relay.

The ecm does not supply 12v for FP relay, the ecm supply's a ground to the fp relay pin 85 (dark green/ white)

Basically the ecm pin 32 (pink ignition feed) and fuel pump relay pin 30 (pink) and pin 86 (pink) are powered up from the MEFI relay pin 87 (purple) and if you don't have v on the purple wire pin 87 of MEFI relay which then goes through the 2 fuses (fuel pump relay fuse and inj/ecm fuse) then wires changes color to pink you possibly have a bad MEFI relay.
I would check pin 30 (red) on MEFI relay for constant batt v and pin 86 (purple) for batt v (switched 12v) If neither pin 30 or pin 86 of MEFI relay has no v then you have a source voltage issue (wiring issue or ignition switch issue) If both powers are good then you could have a faulty ground on MEFI relay pin 85 (black). If the powers and ground are good on the MEFI relay then you have a bad MEFI relay (the coil inside is not switching over contacts), either way the fuel pump relay won't ever get powered up.

Are you sure you are on the FP relay and not the MEFI relay, just a thought.
It's odd that you said the boat has spark but your not getting any v to the FP relay,b/c if it's sparking that ultimately rules out the MEFI relay as being faulty, If this is the case then I suspect a wiring issue after the MEFI relay.

I've attached a wd for the system.
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