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Originally Posted by kainishida View Post
Hi everyone. This is my first post although I have lurked in these threads for many years. I have a 1999 Mastercraft Xstar with 330hp LTR.

I recently took my boat out of storage and when I went to launch it would turn over but not start.
Checked the safety Lanyard.
I initially figured fuel pump and hooked to a pressure test and read 0.
Swapped out the old Fuel pump Fuse for new one.
I tested for power at the fuel pump and found none.
I tested for power at the relay and found no power on pin 30.
Tested for Spark and there IS spark.
I have 12v at the battery and grounds are clean.
I pulled the Ignition Control Module and cleaned and tested ignition coils.
I do not register any Voltage coming from the purple/white wire going to the ECM.

I'm really stumped here and am worried that the ECM is the culprit. I replaced the ECM about 7years ago and am trying to exhaust every possibility before I go down that road again.

Thanks in advance.
If you really don't have 12v on purple wire then it sounds like something went south, for diagnosis apply another 12v source on the purple wire at pin 30 of fuel pump relay and see if she comes to life you might just need to find another ignition wire to rewire but the fuel pump might run constantly with key on engine off. there are ways around the ecm for fuel pump operation, do you have 12v on pin 86 if so you could splice pin 30 wire to pin 86 wire and everything "should" work, you could rewire the circuit and use a fuel pump safety switch.

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