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No Power to Fuel Pump. HELP NEEDED!

Hi everyone. This is my first post although I have lurked in these threads for many years. I have a 1999 Mastercraft Xstar with 330hp LTR.

I recently took my boat out of storage and when I went to launch it would turn over but not start.
Checked the safety Lanyard.
I initially figured fuel pump and hooked to a pressure test and read 0.
Swapped out the old Fuel pump Fuse for new one.
I tested for power at the fuel pump and found none.
I tested for power at the relay and found no power on pin 30.
Tested for Spark and there IS spark.
I have 12v at the battery and grounds are clean.
I pulled the Ignition Control Module and cleaned and tested ignition coils.
I do not register any Voltage coming from the purple/white wire going to the ECM.

I'm really stumped here and am worried that the ECM is the culprit. I replaced the ECM about 7years ago and am trying to exhaust every possibility before I go down that road again.

Thanks in advance.
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