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I'm back into the swing of boat restoration. Tomorrow's the last day for snow skiing up here in NY. April and it's still snowing - loving it.

Today there was a lot of polishing going on. I had a machine shop make a new pylon for me - it was done on a CNC lathe, so the machining marks were still present. I took 400 / 600 and 1500 grit wet/dry sandpaper to it and a polishing wheel and it's nice and shiny, ready for install.

For the transom, I've got the wet sanding started. About 1/2 of the transom is done - probably about 2 hours of work. I've learned that the gray gel coat must go on first with a mask for the stripe. Then the mask is pulled and blue flake goes on to finish the gel coat build up. The gray gel is not very thick and it's easy to go through to the blue underneath. The transom is also not flat - there are some sections with transitions and edges due to the layup - these areas cause a quick sand of the raised edge and miss the lower section. So, cautious sanding and frequent cleaning to see what's going on.

I used 220 / 400 / 600 / 1500 for the sand paper. Follow that up with buffing pads and starbrite hull and fiberglass restoring polish and it looks pretty good.

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